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Re: Dunlop -was Re: contemplating A4 for snow

> Where are the Dunlop 8000s manufactured and who is the parent company?

>Dunlop is a British Co, which has been recently bought by the Japanese.

Well fellas, I live in japan now and I was in Sapporo, Hokkaido in 1994
and  saw a Sumitomo plant up there in the winter wasteland and on the
side of the building it said "Dunlop" right below Sumitomo. It seems at
least some are made here.

PS. The Japanese have since applied the Dunlop name to just about
everything here from cheap sneakers to sports bags with all kinds of
hideous English scrawled all over it. (If you British think American
English is bad DON'T come here ;^)   )

Matthew Twigg

Urawa, Saitama

30 mins north of Tokyo and freezing' my butt off in my quality Japanese
apartment =^) ...outta here March 2nd....