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I have recently read comments about a vacuum pump causing the old I-5 
knock at 2750 RPM.I posted that to the list as my problem quite awhile 
back, and got a variety of responses. Since, I have changed lifters, and 
done a bunch of other crap-- to no avail. What I have not done is look 
at the vacuum pump-- I didn't even think that those of us without turbos 
had a vacuum pump. S0-- do those of us with normally aspirated 5ks have 
them? and where are they?

Also, the girlfriends '90 cq has a steering wheel wobble between 60 and 
70 MPH. We have balanced the tires and had der dealer even check the 
differential and a bunch of other things-- his diagnosis: the wheels. 
The car has Moda 5 spoke wheels, and der dealer claims that they need 
hub-centering rings. Calls to the tire rack say that those wheels never 
need hub centering rings-- they have an adapter plate. I am tempted to 
believe anyone before I believe the dealer, but I am lost for solutions. 
Any ideas?

Happy to be re-subbed and employed (for awhile, that is),
Ted Harlan 86 5k

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