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Re: urq fuel distributor

> My 83 ur-q needs a new fuel distributor.  I don't really want to buy a new
> one at $650. (GPR)  What would happen If I used a fuel distributor out of
> an early 5000T.  Is the valving different in the units? They run the same
> system pressure and the control pressure is regulated by the control
> pressure regulator.   

Go look at the Bosch catalog at a Bosch dealer.  Last time I looked,
the 83 Urq used the same fuel distributor as one of the 5kTs.
Though I thought it was the 86 that I saw.  If it is '86,
may be an early model because the fittings used
to connect the injector lines are different on my '86 - flare not
banjo.  It is quite likely that a banjo would work (I'll take a
look at mine) - if so, you can probably use an 86 to early 89
T or CSQ fuel distributor.

Looking at the hp ratings as well as fuel pressure, it sure
looks like the 86 would be a closer match.

A quick look at the parts fiche reveals:

035 133 481 M	up to VIN ...039767
034 133 481 C   from  VIN ...039768

These being '86 VINs.

...and a further look indicates the first part uses fuel lines
with banjo connectors.