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Euro Lights on 200 TQ

In message <34BF5967.66A6@mmm.com> flderoos@mmm.com writes:

> Thanks for the reply Phil.  I ordered these lights through a Canadian
> vendor and they came in the regular Bosch box with the correct part
> numbers.  Having never seen Euro lights before, I have no idea what I
> have.  I have heard, however, that some of the Audi's in Europe have
> lights that can be adjusted from inside using a switch or knob.

The ur-quattro 20V has these.  They're common on the domestic versions
of German cars.

> Any ideas on a warm start problem that I'm having?  The car starts
> fine when cold, but if the ambient temperature is around 0 F or lower,
> the car is hard to restart after warming up.  It takes 1-2 minutes of
> cranking.  The check valve on the fuel pump has been changed 5-6
> times, but the problem either returns or is not really corrected. Last
> weekend I added a push button to allow me to operate the cold start
> valve manually.  When I do so, the car starts fine.  This problem has
> existed since the car was new and he dealer was unable to find it.

Have you got the fuse slot on top of your fuel pump relay?

If so, recreate the failing situation, switch off the ignition, put a
fuse in the slot, switch the ignition back on, and wait four seconds.

The fuel pump will run.  Let it run for half a minute, and then try
starting the car.  If it's as bad as before, the problem is probably
sensor/electrical and I'd start with the ground wires to the manifold.

If it starts more easily, wait until you can repeat the test - but
this time pull the connector off the warm-up regulator before testing.

If it's bad again (but was easier last time) I'd point the finger at
the warp-up regulator.  If it's easier (and was easier last time)
something, somewhere is leaking fuel pressure back into the tank.

 Phil Payne
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