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re: New alternator - No AM radio?

You wrote:

<<I have just had the alternator replaced on my 89 200TQW.  During this

process the battery was removed for a bit thereby causing the radio safety

features to activate.  After confirming the new alternator worked, I

proceeded to enter my safety code to reactivate the radio.  FM works fine

[as good as before ;-)] but the AM is nothing but static now.  Can anyone

help me out there.>>

Matt:  I believe the stock radio uses a dual-diversity setup antenna, using a
wire in the front windshield (front antenna for FM only), and a couple wires
in the rear defroster (rear antenna for AM/FM).  Each antenna has its own
amplifier.  I'd focus on the rear antenna and connections at the radio.  Nails
or coathanger wire in each of the small holes at the corners of the radio
faceplate release the catches; pull on the cassette opening.  On my later
radio there are power feeds to each antenna amp, and two separate antenna
inputs.  You  could try swapping upper and lower antenna wires to see if you
could isolate the problem.  Also, check your fuses; I'm not sure where the
rear amp is fused; do you have a functioning rear defroster, or are some wires

HTH, chris miller, windham nh, c1j1miller@aol.com
'91 200q