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Crash. Or, I've toured the farmlands....

In message <6b35ca4.34c1a4fa@aol.com> Audial writes:

> Thanks for any help/support/advice, I did a little 2 minute dance of delirium
> in the snow praying that I'd wake up from the nightmare, hands flailing, eyes
> shut, etc., etc.....then I realized I was freezing to death in the middle of
> ******* nowhere with a severely damaged car and started walking and got a tow
> truck.

I know _exactly_ how you feel.

For my part, I have to say the UK listers and the club grapevine are doing 
_great_.  The phone practically rang off the hook yesterday with offers - John 
Robinson has a front bumper bar and skin, Halls of Hucknall have a 
choice of front spoilers, Adam Marsden thinks he can get a second-hand fender, 
and 'Stan the Man' seems to have a source of head, fog and indicator lights. 
Pete Branson of Area K is the foreman of one of Audi's _THREE_ A8-qualified 
bodyshops, and has offered to supervise repairs and especially 'jigging'.
The replacement road wheel (8" Ronal) I already had in stock.

Len Hunt of Audi has the ultimate Audi vanity plate:  "A 8". 

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club