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Re: V8 stuff...

Hi Bernie,

Yeah, what you said about the '90 V8, it does move in Sport setting, or in
the manual mode, for that matter.  The fact is that I was quite happy with
the '90 V8.  And that I'm quite a bit *more* happy with the '91 Manual V8.

> BTW, Unka Bart how do you find the shifting on your *new* v8?

Well, I just sorta reached down with my right hand, and LO! there it was...

It's definitely an Audi.  It reminds me of shifting my old Syncro.  Which I
was always quite happy driving.  Now, what happens when you press that
little pedal on the far right, following a shift; now that's a whole
*nother* (happiness) thang...

None of this happiness had anything to do, whatever, with illicit drugs.

That's my story anyway, and I'm *stickin'* with it!

Yer kindly ol' Unka Bart