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Fwd: Did I buy a restored classic?

>OK Audi Fans....Maybe this thread needs an example. Today I bought a
>pearlwhite showroom condition '87 5kcstq.... runs great , 2d owner, full
>history, 123k, no hits, fanatical maintenance. The car has been garaged
>nightly and pressure washed on the underside after every run in the snow
>and salt of Ohio.
>And I bought it today!  I gave him the $5,000 he asked, without an
>argument. I think it was a bargain already at that price.  He could have
>asked $6,000 and I might have paid it.
>So what do you think....did I buy  a restoration and a classic? Or is it
>just a dream car...


Dream car....I'd give you the 6,000. right now for it.  Sight unseen!
Great buy! Enjoy!

Jealously peering over the hood.