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Audi "Restorations" and Classics

The term "restoration" to me means returning the car to the exact condition
that it left the factory.  A friend of mine restores late '60's to '70 muscle
cars.  He spent a week tracking down a water pump with the right date code for
his '70 Buick GSX 4spd.  I doubt anyone will ever do the same for an Audi.

The great thing about the Audi quattros is that parts are very interchangeable
between years and models.  That's probably why you don't see many ur q owners
with box stock cars.  Why rebuild an ur q WX engine when you can install a
_better_ MC or 3B for less money?  I know for a fact than I couldn't build a
WX motor for what I have into my 20Vt 3B.  Guess what, that '91 engine bolts
right into my '81 production chassis.  Need better brakes for you ur q?  Bolt
on G60s and V8 vented rear brakes.  Better brakes, same $ and sometimes even

Someday a mint ur q, S4/6, or 200q might be worth a few bucks to the
collection of quattro fanatics around the globe, but unless it has been
sitting in a warehouse (what a waste that would be), there would undoubtably
be more spent on maintenance than any increase in value.  The maintenance
receipts that were included when I bought my car added up to over $20k just
keeping it stock.  Me, I will build my quattro the way I want and drive it in
great comfort.  Probably drive it pretty hard.  That's what its for.  

Steve Eiche
'82 Not So Ur q (and liking it that way)