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Re: UrQ ignition switch problems...


I had a somewhat similar problem with my '83 Ur-Q in that when I tried to
start it I found that I had to hold the key over to the right against the
spring loading or it would not catch.  Once it fired and the engine sprang
to life it was fine.

The solution to this was to replace the switch at the back of the lock
assembly.  This is relatively easy with the aid of the Bentley manual.  If I
can do it, almost anyone can.

The result was that I did not have to change the ignition lock or key.

Good luck.

John C.
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From: Paul + Pauline <olracp@shore.net>
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Date: Sunday, January 18, 1998 10:15 AM
Subject: UrQ ignition switch problems...

>I guess my honeymoon period with the UrQ is officially over...
>On the 83 UrQ, after starting the beast up all items that are switched via
>the load relay circuit collectively die depending on how much snow there is
>and how late in the day. i.e. More snow and later at night likelihood of a
>failure increases! Also the A/C blower relay (in the glove box) can be made
>to buzz after start up. (Phil, after tapping with the blunt end of a pencil
>it stops the buzzing O.K.).
>I checked out the load and A/C relays and they appear fine, wiring is ok
>with no signs of meltdown! After about 30 minutes of fumbling in the cold I
>discovered that the ignition switch may be the culprit. Careful jiggling of
>the ignition key in the switch causes the load relay to energize and all
>the circuits come back to life again. I took the trim panel off around the
>ignition switch and all appears well at the connector end of things. My
>question to you knowledgeable listers is... Do I need to replace the
>complete ignition switch assembly, or is there a switch module located
>inside the assembly that can be serviced or replaced independently of the
>lock /barrel/housing ??? Any other (*printable*) ideas welcome.
>Paul Lethbridge
>83 UrQ
>61 Morris Cooper
>66 Mini Marcos (up for sale, located in the UK at moment)