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Re: Audi "Restorations" and Classics

>Someday a mint ur q, S4/6, or 200q might be worth a few bucks to the
>collection of quattro fanatics around the globe, but unless it has been
>sitting in a warehouse (what a waste that would be), there would undoubtably
>be more spent on maintenance than any increase in value.

Looking into my crystal ball, I suspect US-spec cars won't attract that much
attention from Quattro collectors around the world ... why would anyone want
a US Ur-Q, with its lower power output and clunky bumpers, when you can buy
a nice euro-spec car instead?  I suspect the market for US-spec cars will be
limited to the US and I'm not sure that in 20 years, many people will
remember the Ur-Q ... even today, people express great surprise at learning
Audi made such a car 15 years ago (*including* the guy at the parts counter
of my local Audi dealer!)

>Me, I will build my quattro the way I want and drive it in great comfort.
Probably drive it pretty hard.  >That's what its for.  

Good for you ... on the other hand, my '85 Ur-Q, arguably the most desirable
of those imported to the US, is a certifiably stock car, which, as you
pointed out, makes it something of a rarity even today.  If I ever decide to
seriously tinker with it, I'll probably find a cheap '83 and tinker with
that instead ... in fact, I have a lead on one right now.  ;^)

Another issue to be considered here is that it really doesn't matter what
it's worth if you're not selling it ... to be honest, I enjoy looking at
mine in the garage almost as much as I enjoy driving it!  It never fails to
send me off daydreaming about running Monte Carlo, the Acropolis, the RAC...
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