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Restorations and classics

Steve has the right attitude when it comes to any of the street-audis:
 Do what
you want with 'em.  Build 'em the way you like to, then drive the hell
out of the 

Guy not too far from hear restored an '85 UrQ, and it was amazing to
me what
he spent on it.  Tore it down--frame up, took like 2 years by the time
he really
had it finished and driving it.  Spent huge money on it.  
Later, as these guys so often do, he thought he could get his money
In reality, he couldn't even get $12,000.

Fact is, unless the car has a history that someone is willing to pay
for, or re-live through the car, the Audi's we drive just aren't the
type of cars 
collectors seem to want.

As far as the S6 goes, even if you had one with 100 miles on it, 10
after you bought it you would have to double the new price just to
even [10/7; 7/10 rule].  That won't happen.  Audi's depreciate hard,
as it 
seems most 1975+ mass production cars do.  Priced an early turbo 911