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Insurance Coverage of Old, Modified Audis

Here's a question I haven't seen discussed during my presence on the 
list. I'm primarily interested in responses from U.S. listers, as 
from an examination of the UK's VW/Audi Magazine, I see our
nations handle auto insurance just a bit differently.

My insurer is GEICO Casualty (used to be with GEICO Indemnity,
my, _that's_ a story!). Periodically, GEICO asks its policyholders to
fill out a questionnaire about their driving habits and the status of 
the insured automobiles. Generally, these are the same questions 
they ask when you fill out the application for the policy.

One question they ask is: has the car been restored or modified in 
any way? 

Of course, they need to know this; if you're carrying comprehensive 
firem theft, and collision coverage, they need to have an idea how 
much you car will cost to replace/restore/rebuild.

How "forthright" are listers about disclosure? In particular, do you 
tell them about those illegal non-DOT Euro headlights? No? Anybody
had a wreck in a 5K with Euro lights, and then had to make a claim to
get replacement parts?

Anybody's rates go up with they admitted their 86 5kcstq is pushing
225hp, not the 160hp it had on the showroom floor?

The two main issues, then are:
     1) Do your rates go up if you admit to performance mods?
     2) Will they continue to insure your car if you're running 
          U.S.-illegal parts>

And lastly, does anyone on the list use one of those insurers who 
specialize in souped-up and restored cars? What kind of rates,

Doug Q

-Douglas Hurst Quebbeman (dougq@iglou.com)            [Call me "Doug"]
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