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Re: Audi "Restorations" and Classics

In a message dated 98-01-18 15:16:20 EST, audidudi@mindspring.com writes:

<< Looking into my crystal ball, I suspect US-spec cars won't attract that
 attention from Quattro collectors around the world ... why would anyone want
 a US Ur-Q, with its lower power output and clunky bumpers, when you can buy
 a nice euro-spec car instead?  >>

Because U.S. spec cars are typically better equipped, have lower miles, are in
better mechanical and cosmetic condition, and they are cheaper.  This tends to
be the case for almost any U.S. market "collectable" car (or motorcycle).  My
caveat is that as long as a collector wants a car of a type that was imported
to the U.S., the U.S. spec car is usually a darned good buy compared against
the standards of the world market.