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re: v8 stuff

>there's something inefficient about quattros and automatic transmission.
>even though i have never tried a 5spd v8 i have driven enough cars to
>know that the slush v8 is horribly slow off the line for an engine
>of its output.
>for example, the subarus and mitsubishi automatic AWDs have much better
>off the line go than the v8..  

That depends on the maker, I believe. For one, it's possible that other
makers may have different gear ratios for auto vs. stick. For Subaru, for
example, has totally different front-rear split ratio for stick and auto
-- although I don't know if that's due mechanics or just a coincidence.

But donno... as Audi goes, I've found they're usually somewhat slower than
the competitors -- quattro or FWD. And what's with 2.8 and less (except
the V8)? Other German marques have other engines sizes larger than that
(3.0, 3.2, etc.). Why-o-why?

One thing I'd like to see is the numbers for the auto S8 and the stick S8.
How much difference is there? Have Audi figured a way to preserve the
power (as much as possible?)??

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