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Re: Whoa!

Right Brett:  The XL packaging claims that they are legal for use with low
beams.  Mine are aimed like yours and I played with the elevation until I am
just below the threshold of getting flashed by other drivers.  Anyway, there
are tons of beaters and jacked up pickups and sport utes on the road out
here with lights that blind from the front or rear, so please don't ask me
to turn off the XLs.  Regarding the use with high beams, I do it.  I cannot
think of any reason why it would be illegal to run the XLs with the highs,
although the instructions say not to do it.  Anybody have an idea??  I
figure the warning is there for cars that don't have design margin for an
additional 10 amps over the high beams (some cars do run highs and lows
together -- my wife's Volvo 850 for example).

Ralph Poplawsky
'91 200Q: Cheap euro-substitutes

At 09:04 PM 1/15/98 -0500, Brett Dikeman wrote:

>At 3:14 PM -0500 on 1/15/98, Huw Powell wrote:
>> Hope you turn off those Hellas in traffic!  (Pet Peeve Police strike
>> again!)

>Actually, XL stands for auXilliary Lowbeams.  They are designed to be used
>with lowbeams(though admittedly, not with non-legal higher wattage bulbs in
>the factory lights.)
>I aim mine lower than the instructions suggest, and the driver's side is
>lower than the passenger side, as per Euro specs.  The lower angle gives
>much better light closer to the car, where I like it.  If I can't see past
>'em, I'm driving too fast for the conditions.
>Conversely,XL's are not designed to be used with highbeams(or are not legal
>to do so.)  I don't care; I only use my highs when there's no one around to
>see 'em except me, so what's the difference? :)