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V8 off the line ooomph (or lack thereof)

In various messages whose dates are irrelevant, it was written that:

<< for example, the subarus and mitsubishi automatic AWDs have much better
 off the line go than the v8..  >>
< That depends on the maker, I believe. For one, it's possible that other
 makers may have different gear ratios for auto vs. stick.  >

You've also got to look at available torque at the off-idle rpm level and the
torque converter stall speed characteristic.  Audi just doesn't do a good job
in this area if your criteria is the 0-10 mph range and the seat-of the-pants
impression.  The cars are doggy.  They could do better, but I believe Audi has
often tuned the automatics in the direction of fuel economy instead of stop
light to stop light get-up-and-go. (and the fuel economy isn't even that