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foggy windows

Am I just totally stupid (don't answer that!) or does anyone else have
problems defrosting windows with the automatic climate controls (90q20v)?
Last week I was driving in the rain and the windows started to fog up so I hit
the windsheild defroster button and that caused all the windows to fog up.  I
had to just stop in the middle of the road.  A few days later I hit the AUTO
button (set to 72 degrees) and same thing happened.  Then today while I was
filling up at the gas station, a small patch of fog formed just above the
vents on the center top of the dash.  When I got in the car I hit the button
and all the windows fogged up.  I thought the defroster was supposed to
DEfrost.  Is there a problem here?

Jess C. Almero, Jr
South Pasadena,  CA
'90 90q20v
'86 Coupe GT