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Re: 16x7 37mm offset A8 wheels for sale

At 11:16 AM 1/16/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Hello John,
>I got the wheels. They look great. Thanks. Problem: they don't clear the
>UFO's. (Don't worry, I don't want to return them.) I'll either have to
>figure out a way to make them fit, or upgrade my brakes. I'll probably
>do both. Have you ever seen spacers put under the wheel to move it out 3
>or 4 mm? The wheel bore is engaged on the hub, so it is centered, but
>the spokes are contacting the UFO, so the wheel is about 2.5mm shy of
>hitting the hub at the bolt on points.

You said you were going to use them with the KVR brake upgrade kit and
ditch the UFO's:  
>I'm getting the money. Now the question is whether the KVR/ABT brakes
>will fit inside the wheels. Early indications are that the 315mm rotor
>setup will fit, but I might need you to take some measurements when I
>get the specs. Would you be able to take some measurements of the wheels
>for me?

>If you have a way to test an A8 wheel on Kent's car that would be ideal,
but I don't
>want to ask you ship a wheel to him for a test fit, unless of course you
>want to. :)

>>Kent lives 5 minutes from me.  I will call and ask him if this is

They won't fit over the UFO rotors, as I've said before, without a very
thin spacer or washers on each lug bolt.  All you need is 1/8" spacer,
which doesn't have to have a hub centric lip machined into it because
you're still able to use the hub to center your wheels.  But this is
unnecessary if you go with the KVR goodies as planned.

Let me know what you finally do.

BTW, my 944T brake conversion is proceeding nicely.  Thanks again for the
inspiration, Ben Howell and Alex Neckas!