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Re: V8 Stuff (Manual vs. Automatic transmission) (longish)

I believe that Audi & BMW are the last of the Europeans who will offer us
standards. Mercedes saves their 5 speeds for taxis & policecars & could you
really imagine a manual XJ6? What an unthikable bastard that would be!

Michael Williams wrote:

> Aalok Kacha decided to speak these words:
> >The current BMW 5-series offers a manual. The 540i Sport has a manual. I
> >don't know if you can get the 528i with a manual.
> >
> >>What other top-end flagship luxury automobile is available with a standard?
> >>
> My Dad's 1985 735i has a 5 speed, interesting combination.  Not that much
> fun to drive though.  Although it is a bit of difference when it comes to
> the power department when compared to my 4kQ
> later
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