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Things to fon on a '90 V8

Tonight my brother and I are going to look at a 1990 Audi V8.  The car has
170K on it and is suppose to have a service history.  I know what to look at
in type 44 5K's but I was wondering if there is anything particular to look
for on a V8. The guy is asking $7500.00 which I think after a little
negotiating this car could be had for a very fair price, but time will tell.
Any info would be much appreciated.  If we do not take the car and anyone else
might be interested let me know and I will sent the info that I find.

'87 5ktq (IA Stage II, Koni's, Fuchs, Euro Lights)
'84 Ur-q (TAP Box, Big Exhaust, 8" Wheels, H&R, POLY Bushings)