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Re: Phazer radar/laser jammer?

Hairy green toads from Mars made glen powell say:

> Anyone have any experience with or know anything about the Phazer
> passive radar and laser jammer? It's $199 US and they guarantee to
> pay any and all tickets up to 30% over posted or 15 MPH for one year.
> For radar it's a noise-injected reflector and for laser it's an active transmitter
> jammer. Claimed totally legal 'cept in MN, OK & DC. Small too, 4X4X1.5" .
> They are at: 800-399-7863 in Midlothian VA USA

I seem to remember these guys. How many other companies can be
in Midlothian, VA?

Anyway, laser is damn-near unjammable. Radar is jammable, but
has some problems:

1) completely illegal under a wide variety of laws (start with
the FCC regs on xmitting at 4Ghz w/o a license, move to
"interfering with a police officer on duty").

2) when done right, almost undetectable. Ask the Air Force.
But done right costs $$$$$$$$$. These units spray out so much
noise that any radar gun today will detect it and read "JAMMED".
You go to jail.

3) Can't possibly have enough power to overcome the radar cross-
section of your car by "passively reflecting" from a 4x4" unit.

Get a Valentine-1 instead.


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