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Re: Crash. Or, I've toured the farmlands....

Alex M. wrote:

>...especially you've been one of the more knowledgable and helpful 
> listers - hope your 5K hits the road again soon.

Thank you, if you wanted to make me sheepish, you did.  HA!
Knowledgable!  Most of the time I count myself lucky if I don't do more 
harm than good and remove too much tender flesh in the process!  I'm
getting better, though (recent days excepted).

Oooooooh, don't use the word _hits_... Yikes!  The sound of the impact
and the rolling thunder of the suspension slamming across the ditch and
then reverberating over the frozen washboard surface of the field,
breaking a path through the leavings of last year's harvest, whilst I sit
there helpless and wide-eyed, =8-( ), is still rumbling around in the pit of
my stomach.  

I've got some FI information I'm going to send to you tonight when I get
home, BTW.  I typed it up and then never got a chance to send it.  I had
this little accident, you see...;-) Sorry for the delay.  Thanks for the kind
words.  I broke it, I'll fix it.