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Re: Phazer radar/laser jammer?

DeWitt Harrison wrote:

>On Mon, 19 Jan 1998 09:50:52 -0500, Mike Marion wrote:
>>One of the US car rags did an article a while back on passive/active
>>lidar/radar detection prevention - C&D maybe?
>>>Anyone have any experience with or know anything about the Phazer
>>>passive radar and laser jammer? [ ... ]
>>>For radar it's a noise-injected reflector and for laser it's an active
>>>jammer. [ ... ]
>At least one lister has reported hearing that they work and having
>good results with one. However:
>I am extremely skeptical that (1) a _passive_ device so physically
>small in comparison to the target meant to be concealed can make
>any difference and (2) that a _passive_ electronic circuit exists which
>is efficient enough to perform the noise mixing and re-transmission
>functions claimed in any useful way.  This has "snake oil" written
>all over it IMHO and you don't have to go back into the archives
>too many months to find a reasonable thread on it.
>If  anyone finds the C&D&R&T report that Mike mentions, they will
>find plenty of skepticism there too if memory serves.
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>Boulder, CO
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That's my general recollection of the article also.  I sort of remember
reading it pretty quickly though so didn't want to venture out on a small


If I have a chance tonight I'll look through the basement "archives" to see
what I can find.


PS: Does anyone else save every magazine they have ever owned that has
anything to do with cars?  ;-)

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