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'90 200qw fresh air blower...?

OK, I spent some quality time with my car and multimeter and wrenches 
last weekend, and I switched the switch for the rear defroster with 
that for the fog lights (which don't exist), so now I have a reliable 
rear defogger.  My very first repair!  I also managed to figure out 
that my fresh air blower on the climate control system seems to be 
dead.  The little electric motor is getting 12.32 volts at the right 
time, but it ain't inspired by this to actually get down and boogie.  
It just sits there.  This was not quite the case when I bought the car 
a month ago, when it worked fine.  I don't know what inspires cars to 
go through hell when they change owners, but there it is.  So:

Do I have to replace the motor?  Is it reasonably easy to get out?  
Should I remove the hood first?  Where would be a good place to get a 
replacement, and how much should it cost?  Am I likely to be able to 
fix it instead?  Can I remove the motor without removing the whole 
climate control mechanism and the windshield wipers and the hood and 
all that?  Bentley is not very illuminating on this subject, at least 
not to my poor abilities.

Thanks for anyone who can save me from the $80/hour mechanics!
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