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5000TQ master cylinder on a urq?

In message <199801192215.OAA04942@mail1.teleport.com> John Karasaki writes:

> Duane taught me a lesson on the insignificance of brakes... he never used
> his.  Maybe I've been killing brake pads at the track by trying to slow
> down too much!

Some while ago, we had a thread on ur-quattro vs. 5000 handling.  Halfway 
through the thread's life, I followed Roger Galvin (200TQ) for ca. 50 miles on 
twisty UK country roads - I think he used his brakes _ONCE_.
Years ago, my mother used to say that using your brakes increased your fuel 
consumption - and so she drove like a trucker, reacting _immediately_ to what 
she saw.  If you do the Audi driving course, they teach the same thing - if you 
think you might need to slow down - do it _NOW_.  If you might have to brake, 
do it _NOW_.

Roger and I have had some interesting evenings - we drive each other to the 
other's area meetings - I can get pissed at Area K meetings, and he can imbibe 
in an uninhibited manner at Area E meetings.  He had two cars - a WR (WX) ur-
quattro, and a 1B (MC-2) 200TQ.  I had an MB (1B/MC-2) ur-quattro.  The 
driveability difference is amazing - his 1B 200TQ and my MB ur-quattro are both 
easy to drive smoothly while basically staying off the brakes.  But driving 
his WR (WX) ur-quattro as smoothly as the others is really very difficult.

I think the MC-2/1B/MB change that Audi made between 1987 and 1989 _really_ 
improved driveability.  Since then, they've done great things technologically 
at the high end of the product range (V8Q, A8) but I don't think they've made 
as much progress in the other sections of their product range. 

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club