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Warm Start Problem with 200 TQ (when it is very cold)

Have are you sure the ECU is operating the cold start valve when cold?
I took a DVM and put the leads across the proper ECU pins for the cold
start valve and when the engine was started cold I could see approx.
12VDC for a few seconds as the engine was started. The cold start valve
is operated by the ECU for a decreasing amount of time as the
temperature is warmer. 

I know the cold start valve is critical for starting in 0 Deg.
temperatures. The fact that your manual button causes the engine to
start tells me it is related to your cold start valve. The coolant
temperature sensor is the feedback for the ECU to determine what
temperature the engine is and therefore how long to operate the cold
start valve.

Let us know what you find.

Littleton, CO