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Re: Auto transmissions

In a message dated 98-01-19 10:55:10 EST, you write:

<<   I was hoping someone could tell me why Audi autoboxes are so 
 unreliable. I'm planning a move to a major metropolitan area this summer, 
 and would really like to have a quattro, and a car with auto trans. Why 
 can't audi make a good car with both of these options that won't leave me 
 in fear of having to spend $5k on the fu*k%@g gearbox? Maybe they can, 
 are the new ones (tiptronics) built any better? I sure hope so, or else, 
 well, I'll hold off on that statement for now.

Lack of maintainance is the one major problem with Audi automatics.  Audi
engines run on the hot side and the gearboxes are watercooled so the
transmission operates hot as well.  Neglect to change the fluid and it toasts
the clutch packs.  The diff oil evaporates as heat inscreases, and no oil mean
no diff, I've seen several 5000 autos reach the 150k mark with no tranny
trouble due to properly serviced transmissions .