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Adj. ride height for S4?

Hello all,

I just found out that TAP does not have the "U-Set-It," ride height
adjustment system that their website advertises for the S4. Does anyone know
of a similar system? The situation is that I have a Sachs sport suspension,
on the '93 S4, that I really like from a spring rate standpoint, but dislike
from a ride height standpoint. The U-Set-It system would have been nice from
an adjustability  standpoint in that it would allow me to corner balance the
car. Does anyone know of a similar system that fits between the spring and
the perch? I would even do a spacer of fixed thickness to help in raising
the car a bit, any BTDT's?

In lieu of finding some way to adjust the existing suspension, I've also
been trying to source a SPAX suspension kit as I've heard they offer ride
height adjustability (at least on the rears), and progressive rate springs.
I've got an e-mail in to SPAX UK, (haven't heard back yet), Ron's Parts and
2 Bennett Audimotive are checking on applications for me. Anyone know of
other sources?