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RE: Personal Archives

    Don't even get me started on my personal archives!  I have 3 huge boxes
full of old magazines and articles, pamphlets, and other momentos (like the
ad in the paper I saw for the 5ktq I later bought).  Anyways, a lot of them
got lost in the recent move and I was quite pissed, but you can't really put a
price tag on that sorta stuff.

    Anyways, I was looking through some of my old magazines and found an SCI
from 1987 with a road test of a 5KTQ in it, and then I found an Automobile
Magazine from 1988 with a Four Seasons test of an '87 5KTQW in it.  Pretty cool
since at the time it was the most favored test car to date and the magazine's
staffers racked up over 31,000 miles in one year!  Also, lots of neat old Audi
ads.  And, I had a C&D with a test of the '91 200TQ 20V sedan.  Thier only
complaint: poor lighting!  Yup, we agree!

    Another series of magazines I collected over the years were the R&T series
called "Exotic Cars".  Truly a magnificent magazine which covered all the
exotics from the mid-80's through the early 90's.  A great reference guide and
the photography and overall quality are excellent.  Photos by Jeff Zwart.  Most
of the articles by Thos L. Bryant.  I highly reccomend them if you can still
find them.  I am still missing quite a few of the series, but I heard they are
still available (at least some of them).

    Ok, enough of my ramblings.  BTW, I am trying to get any articles on the
C&D: One Lap of America.  It started in like '86 or '87 and they have had it
featured in one magazine each year since it's start.  I am mostly interested
in the early years.  if anyone has any of these magazines and is interested
in trade or sale for it, please let me know.  Thanks.

    Sorry for the low Audi content.