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RE: restorations of quattros, etc

   I think you mis-understood me Steve,

   I was just wondering if anyone had ever done any "true" restorations on any
quattros.  I just don't like the word "restoration" flying around, when people
really mean, fix up or repaint, etc.

   I, of course, realize that no one would (at least not in their right mind)
try to restore a quattro for a profit, sale, or as a show car.  Of, course,
if someone were to spend the expenses to do it, they would be doing it for
THEMSELVES!  That was my point!

   Audi's are obviously not cars that attract collectors, and THANK GOD!!!!  I
would hate it if everyone wanted to get thier hands on one, and it would make
it unaffordable for most of us to own these great automobiles.  Which is part
of what I really love about these cars...they are cheap and unassuming!  But,
that does not mean that some Audi nut somewhere will not want to restore his
own quattro for his own driving pleasure or enjoyment.

   Steve, it sounds as if you know someone who has done exactly that to a Ur-Q.
Do you know exactly what was done, who did the work, and how much he spent?
I am just inquiring about this.  Please let us know what such a project would
cost?  All I wanted to know is whether anyone on the list, etc, has done such
a true restoration on thier own car.  And, I do agree with you, for the most
part, on your attitude about cars.