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Shocks (again): difference between makes...


Sorry, there have been some threads on this list about shocks before,
but this time I'm more interested in the difference between cars.

Basically, I took a look at www.avo-shocks.com, the website for
Avo Shocks, about 2 months ago. I asked them about their shocks and
about fitting them to a 1990 200t. I thought I wouldn't get a reply.
Well, today I got a rather fat bit of mail in my pigeon hole here
at work, from Avo Shocks no doubt. It's a fat brochure and it also
has a complete application list for American, British and European
cars, including some very old classics and even car makes I haven't
even heard of (Alvis? Bond? Saxo? Ginetta? Innocenti? Jenson? Mallock?
Marcos? Rochdale? Sumo? Wartburg? Westfield?). I found this service very
good from Avo Shocks as I didn't even post my work address to them
and they shipped the brochure without questions to me in the middle
of nowhere in South Africa. (Then again I can't remember using
the work e-mail account with the work signature or my private account).
But I digress...

Anyway, Avo Shocks make tension and height on-car adjustable shocks
for street and racing applications. Their brochure and application list
only indicate the following Audi cars, I mixed the list between the
strut application list and their list of Internation applications:

	Audi model				Year
	----------				----
	80 (type 81, excl. coupe & quattro)	8/1978 - 8/1988
	80 Coupe (type 89, excl. quattro)	1986-1990
	80 Coupe (type 81)			8/1980 - 9/1988
	80 quattro (early type 85 models)	1982 - 8/1986
	80 quattro (late type 85 models)	9/1986 - 1990
	90 (type 81, excl. quattro)		8/1984 - 7/1987
	90 (type 89, excl. quattro)		8/1987 - 1990
	90 quattro (type 85, excl. 20V)		1985 - 1990
	90 quattro (type 85 20V)		1989 - 1990
	Coupe (excl. quattro)			8/1980 - 9/1988
	Coupe 2.0E/2.3E				1989 - 1990
	Coupe quattro (excl. 20V)		1983 - 1990
	Coupe quattro 20V			1989 - 1990
	Audi 100 (series I)			1968 - 1974
	Audi 100 (series II)			1976 - 1982
	Audi 200				1980-1983
	Audi 60:72:75:80:90			1963 - 1971
	A4 (2WD)				1994 -
	A4 (quattro)				1994 -

I was wandering the following:

	a) anyone running Avo Shocks? They're British, based in
	   St. Helier, Jersey, Great Britain, or so says the
	   managing director's business card. Anyone running them
	   in either an Audi or anything else or know someone who

	b) I am running a 1990 200t and since this is not on the
	   application list I was wandering if the front struts
	   and rear shocks for the non-quattro Type 44 200t matches
	   any of the cars listed above. I was thinking along the lines
	   of me matching a set of struts from some other car that
	   can be used in a 200t. I mean, they don't specifically make
	   struts and shocks specifically for Audi or other cars, the
	   shock companies make a shock that can be used in several
	   types of cars, right? So, what other car shares the same
	   strut and shock type of the 1989 - 1990 Audi 200t? It
	   doesn't matter what make the car is, it can be anything,
	   not necessarily an Audi, but that shares the same type of
	   strut or shock. If I go to my NAPA dealer and ask for a
	   shock/strut for some car and then order a shock/strut for
	   my 200t, then the 2 must be the same part from whatever
	   shock company (here most likely Gabriel or Armstrong).

	c) There is also a VW section. What VW shares strut/shock
	   parts with the Audi 200t FWD range?

I still need to look at all the data in the brochures and ordering
booklets. I seem to have got info from the company which makes me think
they see me as a potential South African importer. :) Now if only
they had a strut/shock for the 2wd Audi 200t...

Perhaps I should go to my NAPA agent of AutoQuip agent and look at their
list of Gabriel/Armstrong shocks or Bilstein application list and see
which part number from these companies is used on whatever other car
and then see if Avo Shocks make a shock for the other car. Sound

Uhm, this be a dream again, I'm just doing research on this stuff,
I'm still working on getting my machine up to scratch!

Thanks. :)

"a thousand miles from here, there is another person smiling"
1990 Turbo (200T)
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