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RE: V8 Stuff (Manual vs. Automatic transmission)

Yes, age stereotyping, I admit it. My apologies to all
senior citizens that prefer to shift and shift well.


> >One of the best advantages of the 5KTQs (besides q) is that it is a big,
> >comfortable, top-line luxury automobile with a standard transmission!
> >The would be almost intolerable without a standard trans. This one
> >feature alone prevents the 5KTQ from being an old man's car.
> >
> >What other top-end flagship luxury automobile is available with a standard?
> >
> >I cannot think of even one. ('cept Audi V8 and not anymore Monty)
> >
> >- -glen
> Seems some unjustified age-stereotyping is in evidence here. How do you
> come to the conclusion that a 5KTQ with 5 spd is less appealing to "an old
> man" than to someone younger? In fact, I'd sure not be surprised if a
> larger proportion of _younger_ (as opposed to "older") drivers are without
> a clue concerning how to use a manual transmission. 

I agree.  My mom is 60 and she REFUSES to drive an auto.  One time she had
a loaner from the dealership and it was an auto.  She still bitching about

Her car is a Saturn, which she ordered new, with a manual.  The dealer
spent an hour trying to convince her to buy an auto.  They refused to
believe that someone her age (and female) would insist on buying a manual. 

Then again, she often drives my cars (gets a kick out of the RX7...) and I
don't know anyone who owns an auto (except my boss... and he's only 32).

It really comes down to preferrence.  I've never driven an auto that would
shift where/how I would like it to and it's only recently that auto's have
had enough gears to really be efficient/fun.

The best auto I ever drove was a 750iL, in Europe, about 5/6 years ago. 
Brand new, in Sports mode it was a blast (150mph[max] w/5 people + luggage
for a week, through mountains b/w Vienna, Austria & Milan, Italy...). But,
given a choice (which I do have), I'd rather have a manual...

'90 CQ (and looking for a dark '91 w/ low miles)
'87 RX7 Tii (for sale soon)