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collectability Euro Vs US spec.

<<< Looking into my crystal ball, I suspect US-spec cars won't attract that
 <attention from Quattro collectors around the world ... why would anyone want
 <a US Ur-Q, with its lower power output and clunky bumpers, when you can buy
 <a nice euro-spec car instead?  >>

<Because U.S. spec cars are typically better equipped, have lower miles, are in
<better mechanical and cosmetic condition, and they are cheaper.  This tends to
<be the case for almost any U.S. market "collectable" car (or motorcycle).  My
<caveat is that as long as a collector wants a car of a type that was imported
<to the U.S., the U.S. spec car is usually a darned good buy compared against
<the standards of the world market.

The US-spec. cars are *very easily* brought up to Euro spec. performance and beyond.
Once you get used to the look of the US bumpers they actually look better..... IMFO.
As the US-spec. cars are far rarer Vs ROW spec. I would think that it would not
necessarily be worth paying the higher price for a very rare US-spec car unless you
really wanted all the nice high-end options that all the US-spec. cars have. 
(everything - virtually all US ur-qs are fully loaded) Of course, if you want a stock 20V ur-q 
then you will be looking outside the US.