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back lights

In message <9801201224.AB23280@apacs.pote.hu> "Gabor Horvath dr" writes:

> Is it possible that I saw your coupe at one of the Audi web sites?
> If yes, could you give me some ideas where to get those dark coloured
> back light lenses. My car is a 85 coupe quattro. I guess the lens are
> Frankani products but I may be wrong about that. I appreciate any
> comments.

Yes, my ur-quattro has the smoked rear lights.

How you achieve it depends on your local laws.  The first lights used
on ur-quattros were not smoked.  Then the smoked lenses were introduced,
using the lampholders used with the earlier lights.  The powers-that-be
then decided that the rear lights were too dim in smoked form, and
insisted that Audi fit _TWO_ bulbs each side to compensate for the

In the UK, you tend to see single-bulb smoked lenses on 1987/8 cars.

So - if your local laws permit the single-bulb option, then you only
have to change the lenses.  They're held in place by four easy to
remove nuts and the sealant - push them off the car by applying
pressure _very_ slowly, and they'll just pop off in one piece.  You
may have to jam some wood against them and wait an hour or two - then
tension the wood up again.

If your laws mandate the twin-bulb arrangement (and it looks MUCH
better) then you have to change both lens and bulb holder.

The cheapest deal I have found so far was from The Parts Department:

    The Parts Department
    Phone: +44 1273 326189
    Fax:   +44 1273 326289

You might want to try a scrap yard:

    Sanburn Autos (Owners run two ur-quattros)
    Phone: +44 1203 637376
    Fax:   +44 1203 667442

    Halls of Hucknall
    Phone: +44 115 964 0725

 Phil Payne
 Phone: +44 385302803  Fax: +44 1536723021