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Re: What is a WX engine?

At 3:51 AM -0500 on 1/20/98, Phil Payne wrote:

> In message <199801200604.BAA13578@coimbra.ans.net> Daniel Hussey writes:
> >     For the first time I have heard several people on the list refer to WX
> > engines in Ur-Q's.  What is a WX engine and why have I never heard of it
> > before?  Were they not sold in the US?  I thought all the early US
>model Ur-Q's
> > had the MB motor.
> I'm not aware of any MBs reaching the USA.  US imports ceased in 1985 -
>the MB
> did not ship to customers until mid-1988.
> US cars usually have WX/WR engines.  Anyoe who has anything different
> have something valuable.  Hint: Does a magnet stick to the block?
Perhaps you were refering to US UrQ's, but every single '87 5000CST(+Q) I
know of in the US has an MB engine inside(including mine.)

How valuable?  If the price is right you can have the whole thing, MB
engine and all ;)

Brett(with 200tq envy)
'87 5kCST

Brett Dikeman
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