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Re: v8, autos & final-drive ratios

     Ratios for the 91 V8Q
                   Automatic        5spd 
                  1st  2.48:1      3.50:1
                  2nd  1.48:1      1.89:1
                  3rd  1.00:1      1.23:1
                  4th  0.73:1      0.90:1
                  5th     -        0.73:1
              Reverse  2.09:1      3.46:1
     Final drive ratio 3.78:1      4.11:1
     Mileage EPA city  15mpg       14mpg
          EPA highway  20mpg       20mpg
-Chris 90 V8Q

>It is very typical to use a higher final drive ratio (lower number) with auto
>in otherwise identical vehicles of all makes:

>1) to get back some of the fuel economy wasted as heat by the slush-box
>2) often used in luxury cars where lower revs/MPH = quieter operation
>3) often used in luxury cars where quiet is more important Vs acceleration
>4) often used in luxury cars where higher top-end may be more prestigious Vs
>faster acceleration
>5) longer driving range Vs lower final drive ratios (higher number)

>I believe the 5KTQWs use a higher final drive Vs the otherwise identical 5KTQ
>sedans for
>reasons 2, 3 and 5 as well as an even larger fool tank for even more range Vs
>the otherwise identical 5KTQ sedans.

>All IMFO,