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Re: foggy windows

 # mount for the diaphragm.  I went to the local dealer to ask about a kit to
 # fix this problem and he never heard of such kits.  An easy way to check if

... well, it sounds like you might want to look for another dealer!  
Linda @ Carlsen was immediately in the know when I asked her, here's 
an excerpt of something I posted in 1995 (2/23/95 to be exact) ...

 > I had received the Tech Bulletin by fax from Linda@Carlsen (Group 87 
 > Number 90-01 Date 11/30/90).  It states that it applies to '84-88 5000s 
 > & 100/200s from '89.

... the kit does exist, and I happen to have one available if someone 
wants it (let me know).  It consists of a *hefty* stamped metal piece 
that replaces the vacuum servo mount.  I did also replace the recirc 
door seal when I did the 5k.

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)