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Air intake horn and H2O


	I'm writing this in hopes that it gets through to you.  My email 
will sometimes get out, but I'm still not receiving anything.   I pulled 
this off the archives today, and just _had_ to respond.

Scottmo said...

> Makes a lot of sense to me........these parts don't get
> designed they way they are by accident......the snorkel was
> also probably designed to prevent water from getting in and
> swamping out 
> the air filter assembly while driving through  high water
> conditions.... 
> > But has anyone actually changed the tube to pick up air            
> >from the fenderwell?   Or from below the car in a still air spot? 
> Well, I would imagine that many people have relocated the

Scott's right - that stuff doesn't just happen.

When I installed the EFI system on my 5KCSTQ, I was able to eliminate the 
entire CIS fuel metering head of course.   I put a 2" tube on the inlet to 
the turbo, and clamped a K&N air filter to the end of that tube out in 
the area previously occupied by the fuel metering head.   I figured that 
eventually, I'd move it down and forward to get it away from the turbo's 
heat or build a shield.   But I found the same thing Scott found - the 
intake temps were not that high.  So, I left it.   One other thing I 
found though was that in really heavy rain, when driving through a puddle, 
the splash would get enough water into the intake that the engine would 
stutter.  "Come on b-b-b-b-b-baby, _r-r-r-r-r-r-run_!" :-)

I know at Cadillac, we have (had, he was fired last weekend) a guy that 
does nothing but underhood splash development!  His job is to make sure 
the engine doesn't stall when its really wet outside.

Graydon D. Stuckey
810 733 0255
no email yet, although you can try graydon@apollo.kettering.edu