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Re: Help with heater core replacement-'87 5kTQ

Tony Lum wrote:
> Now if I can find some replacement brushes for the blower motor, she'll be
> good as new.
> Regards,
> -Tony

If the '87 is like my '91, I believe the brushes are not meant to be
replaced. If the motor's bearings and commutator look good, I think it's
worth a try. I ended up taking my motor to the local Bosch component
rebuilder who carefully soldered new ones in for about $25. The
replacement involves cutting the woven copper ribbon that runs to the
brushes and then soldering on replacement brushes.  The trick is to do
without having the ribbon wick up the solder and lose its flexibility.
 Kent Crossley, Portland,Or.
'91 200q (mine)
'93 90CSq (hers)