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SMS parts source

Hi All!

I've run across someone in England who deals directly with Schmidt Motor
Sport in Germany and goes over to visit Schmidt once a month to do
business.  As a result of our discussions, I have given him a list of
parts that I am interested in, and he is going to get me pricing and
shipping information from the UK (he would bring the parts back from
Germany with him).  If anybody has any parts they would like to buy for
a 80/90, CQ, S2, or whatever else (I'm not sure of all the models
Schmidt makes parts for), let me know.  SMS specializes in competition
parts and car prep (right now they build a lot of S2 rally cars) and
carry or can build just about anything.  Be forewarned that their stuff
ain't cheap, but they do make VERY nice pieces.  If there's anything
special you're looking for, email me, and I'll see what my source can

-mark nelson