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ThunderHill QCUSA event in Calif.


You forgot to mention that while you were out on the track
with your 323 Rally car, there were several frustrated
Quattro owners who were having more than a little trouble
catching up to you... :-), that was some nice driving you
were doing out there..The ThunderHill course is one
incredible track >3 miles long with a corkscrew turn and
several elevation changes.....next time I need to do more
driving out there.........I did meet some great people from

I managed to be on mechanics duty most of the weekend,
helped fix 3 defective WOT switches on two 5000TQ and one
4000TQ conversion. On the 4000TQ, I "eventually" found a
plugged up catalytic converter which prevented the car from
making any boost. The car had 10-15 psi of back pressure
when you revved the engine in neutral! The car was shooting
pieces of the ceramic honey comb out the tailpipe.
Apparently a big piece of the honey comb got wedged
sideways and was completely blocking the exhaust flow. His
muffler was also likely restricted from the scrapnel. One
of the other 5000TQ cars with the TAP modified ECU also
blew a hole in the accordion hose as well as having the
defective WOT switch.

On my way home, I noticed my car was running a little less
than optimal, today I found my WOT switch was also
defective! I had repaired it two years ago when I first
bought the car. I found an improved model at the wrecking
yard today while searching for some turbo inlet pipes and
hoses. It looked brand new. This new style switch "may" (I
hope) have a better internal design with better connections
that are less susceptible to cracking. The new switch had
the Bosch # 0 280 120 310, the old switch had the Bosch # 0
280 120 308.

If you have not replaced or repaired this WOT/idle switch
before, it is almost surely defective. I think Eric F.
mentioned that Imparts has these for ~$35. Well worth that
price. Dealer wants ~$75. Replacing the switch sure beats
cutting your wrist while trying to cut open the cover on
the old one.....

Scott Mo.