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golf gti aka ur-quattro

i've been looking for a golf gti for my soon-to-be wife and joy abounded when,
after 6 months of searching, we located a nice 1989 example which wasn't hit
the papers and the bloke wants to sell because of the consideration of his
employer in giving him a new mg for being a good sales-type-droid.  $2-3k under
realistic value helped all round.

so, happy renunion with the gti (what a great little car), but a little
consternation in seing all the common bits between that and my
$130k-when-new-in-nz 1990 ur-quattro.  if i'd spent that sort of money on the
quattro and then driven a golf back in 1990, i'd have been pissed....

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q