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RE: ur-q collectability in the US

Yes, of US-spec ur-s the 84s had the lowest build numbers.
However, they are basically the same 'type' as all the previous 
US builds, so when the 81-84 models are totaled up they are at
like ~>500 as a group. The totally unique 85 ur-q type had a build 
number of like 73, so they are by far much rarer Vs the earlier 
81-84 build type. So yes, model year-wise the 84s are rarest, but
that will be of no real importance to the typical collector. If
you are familiar with Numismatics it is the same thing as
'type' collecting. The only reason that one would really need
or want specifically an 84 model would be to build a collection
of every year of US-spec ur-qs. This is possible but I find it to
be somewhat unlikely. Most collectors, with the exception of
the total fanatic, want the single best example possible of all
of the different types available, i.e., the ur-q 85.

The 85 US-spec ur-q is definitely galvi. It is very obvious if you
put typical examples side-by-side even if the 85 is a very
high-miler. I *think* the same goes for the 84 Vs 85 and on 4KQs.


>Just my 2 cents but I thought that the 1984's were the most
>rare US UrQ's and had the strange one-off dash. I also thought
>that none of the 4000/coupe/UrQ series were ever galvanized.
>Just my thoughts.