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Help! Lost bookmarks for CGT pages!

During a recent "upgrade", I lost all my bookmarks. The ones in
particular I'm seeking are:
1) Coupe GT specifications tables (I think Eric Fluhr runs them)
2) 4kcs turbo conversion page
3) MOST IMPORTANT someone out there has a page detailing the conversion
of a drum brake coupe to an Audi 90 disc setup in the rear. As I've just
found a donor car, I NEED this info desperately!!
I tried various browsers, but they are apparently not in sync with the
Audi Gods, and I get "no DNS entry" error messages.
Any help greatly appreciated. Please reply DIRECT as I'm not currently
on the list due to my inability to keep up with my mail :(

Dwight Varnes
86 Coupe GT
please remove first 'x' in return address to reply