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Makinen has been out since yesterday when he spun out on some wet Tarmac
on the first stage of the second leg.  The car was too damaged to
continue.  Sainz has been leading since then in the new Corolla with
Kankunnen in second in the Escort Cozzie.  McRae is back in 5th in the
Subey.  This is the latest after the end of the second leg.


<<Rally Monte Carlo in on this week Jan 18,19,20.
Yesterday an unexpected result on SS2.
Gilles and Herve Panizzi won SS2 in a front wheel drive Peugit 306 Maxi 
F2 kit car, finishing ahead of all World Rally Car enterants (4WD).
Believe it or not.
At the end of Leg 1 (Monday) Tomy Makkinen is leading overall in 
Mitsubichi Lancer.>>