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Re: Coupe GT web page

>1) Coupe GT specifications tables (I think Eric Fluhr runs them)
>3) MOST IMPORTANT someone out there has a page detailing the conversion
>of a drum brake coupe to an Audi 90 disc setup in the rear. As I've just
>found a donor car, I NEED this info desperately!!
>I tried various browsers, but they are apparently not in sync with the
>Audi Gods, and I get "no DNS entry" error messages.

#3 above can be found on #1 above, under the "Tech Tips" section:


**HOWEVER**, the server is currently down/unreachable, and has been for
at least a day or two.  I am trying to contact the owner to determine how
long it will be out of commission.  If the situation is severe (i.e. the
site will not be back up in a day or two), I will let you all know.  Sorry
about that.

'85 Coupe GT
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