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Performance Car 4WD test

In message <01bd26a9$45803300$LocalHost@default> "Ian J Haseltine" writes:

> #3 Audi Quattro 20v

> They imply that the 80000 mile quattro is for sale @8500GBP.

> Under the bonnet the slam panel looks a bit tatty (a bit like the one on my
> car) and inside the cabin its obvious that the side bolster of driver's seat
> has suffered.

> I think that the plate is G751TFG.

The car is unknown to the Club.  A 20V for GBP8500?  _EVERY_ member of the 
Committee will casually toss a copy of this magazine on the table at the next 
meeting, if only to watch the expression on Dave Preece's face - he still 
maintains that his once-written-off 20V is worth over GBP20000.

Perhaps we'll do it one at a time!

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club