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Re: 5kTQW Vs 5KTS sedan

At 07:30 PM 1/22/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Datapoints: 87 5KTQW & 88 5KTQ >>
>Yes, the difference I perceive could be due to different model years, but, 
>I believe that there were no substantial changes between these years.
>These are the difference I think I perceive:
>1) wagon seems to be turning lower revs at a given speed (no, I have never
driver both at the same time! :)
>    I can and will look into this as both are radio-equipped and I'll do a
test with The Wife and report back.
>2) wagon fool tank seems to take more fool
>3) wagon seems to get substantially longer range before fill-up, very
often close to 500 miles or more, sedan
>    goes over 400 but like 450 max, never over 500
>4) sedan seems to accelerate must better, faster than just the weight
difference would account for
>Note: all of this is very unscientific seat-of-the-pants stuff

I've had 2 wagons now.  One "pulled" much better than the other.  I've
heard that some wagons had 4.11 final drives.  If someone knows where to
check and what the 4.11 transmission code is, I can check on both wagons
and update the q-list.