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Question, and a little good news..

Hey Folks,

I finally went to the local Audi dealer (HBL) and had them pull the
records on my car..  Good news abounds!  The timing belt (and related
stuph) was replaced at 47500 (it has 62000 now)..  Very good.  In
addition, there was no record of anything truly wacky in the services
history, AND, the previous owner did manage to bring the car in for all
scheduled maintenance.

The bad news:  does anybody know A) where the Antenna Amp is located in
a 92 100csqw? and B) how much a replacement costs?  Apparently, the
previous owner was informed on several occasions that this part needed
to be replaced, but always declined the service.  According to the tech
I spoke with, my reception is "worse than normal" due to a
malfunctioning antenna amp.  Whatever.  I'd just like to be able to pick
up AM signals on the Jersey Turnpike when the yellow lights are
flashing..  :)

BTW, the car is still for sale, for those who may be interested.  Silver
w/black leather.  Interior perfect, exterior damned near, new tires, had
a TB at 47500,  has 62000 now, and comes with a TRANSFERABLE Chrysler
Corporation warranty good for 23 more months or 20000 more miles. 
Interested parties can email me at hitch02@ibm.net.  Nice car, would
hate to see it go, but like I posted before, it is just more car than we

Have a happy...


92 100CSQW